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Take your recovery to the next level

Take your recovery to the next level

All cells in the body have a measurable voltage… just like a battery. When ill or injured, a reduction of voltage affects the cells’ abilities to function properly. You need more energy to heal.

Sound Therapy pulses specific sound frequencies and vibrations into the body that reach every cell, tissue and organ. Electrical impulses charge the cells to their proper voltage so the body can repair and heal itself.

+ Relax, Rejuvenate & Repair

Choose the treatment type that’s best for your needs or speak to a member of the Next Level Sound Therapy Team


Great for sports injury, personal injury, stress and anxiety. Back pain, neck pain, arthritis, neuropathy and more.


Sonication uses sound waves to break down toxins, heavy metals, viruses, parasites, bacteria, and waste products.


Alleviate symptoms of pain and promote healing by re-balancing sound waves targeted at the source.



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