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This is a Self-Care program. Please research “Frequency medicine”, “PEMF”, “Vibroacoustic therapy” and what it can do for your specific health concern. We outline much of this information under our FAQ page. Regardless of your knowledge level a qualified therapist will assist you in designing your program.

Our Self Prescribed Auditory Sound Pharmacy has over 1,000 programs for you to choose from. Each sound consists of carefully prepared sound frequencies that are specific to individual illnesses and diseases. Every area of the body has its own individual sound frequency and illness, and disease disrupts the sound waves.

Health sessions use advanced technology involving sound-wave frequencies to correct imbalance. By using the right healing sound for each illness or disease, sound waves are re-balanced to help to alleviate symptoms, pain and promote healing. Each healing sound uses a meticulously designed set of frequencies to treat almost any condition, illness or disease.

If you’d like to know what programs are available to you please send us an email.

30 mins – 1 hr Session

+ Fighting viruses using a PEMF / VAT device

What do viruses do to your body?

All viruses encourage the red blood cells in your body to gather together, clumping into what is known as the Rouleaux effect. As this happens, the red blood cells can no longer contain their positive charge, which means they’re incapable of functioning properly. In addition, these large clumps of red blood cells are not able to travel through your system due to their sheer size. Because red blood cells are unable to move through extremely small spaces, specifically the capillaries in the body, they cannot provide oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body in an effective manner. In addition, this makes it difficult for the red blood cells in your body to get rid of waste such as various toxins or even carbon dioxide. Because of the Rouleaux effect, the body becomes depleted of oxygen, and this is exactly the kind of environment that a virus can thrive in, taking advantage of your damaged cells and the lack of oxygen throughout your body.

How to use PEMF / VAT devices to fight viruses

Using a PEMF / VAT device will help to positively charge your cells so that they don’t clump together as a result of the Rouleaux effect. This means that the cells of your body can continue functioning as normal and thus will be able to deliver oxygen throughout the body. This allows your immune system to function properly, which can help you fight all viruses or keep your immune system strong enough to prevent you from contracting one in the first place. Furthermore, PEMF / VAT devices help to maximize your overall cellular function, which can provide many benefits to your overall health.

Maximize cell function

Oxygenate the blood

Boost the immune system

+ Fighting viruses using a PEMF / VAT device


Over the course of five weeks, ten sessions of PEMF treatment with a high magnetic flux density were applied to a patient suffering from post “COVID-19” fatigue syndrome. Fatigue, work ability, quality of life as well as anxiety, depression, stress level and resilience were evaluated using validated patient-reported outcome measures.


Fatigue, work ability, quality of life, and psychological well-being improved clearly over the course of the treatment and showed stable results 6 weeks later.


The use of PEMF with a device that allows sufficient penetration of the body tissue might be a promising physical modality to manage post “COVID-19” fatigue syndrome.


To learn more about the study itself, please follow this link:

National Library of Medicine

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+ Take health into your own hands

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Sonication is a process that uses sound waves to break down toxins, heavy metals, viruses, parasites, bacteria, and waste products in the body.

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